Saturday, December 19, 2009


This photo was found amongst an unorganized mixed stash given to me by my mother, for a photo album she hoped I would take over and finish one day. (I'm still trying.) Many are unidentified, such as this.

Perhaps the person in the canoe is a loved one starting off on a familiar adventure. I can only guess. Having been kept for so many years, I am inclined to think he (or she) must be a family member. However, they could be from either side of my family, since the rest of the photos were clearly a blend.

To me, the boggy waters suggest the location could be Musquash. Being as old as the photo appears to be, though, I could easily be mistaking floating bark from the tannery days as marsh.

If this photo brings back memories for anyone I would love to know. I also invite others to share their mystery photos. Perhaps together we can solve a few mysteries.

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  1. I've since been able to blow up the caption on the back of this photo. It reads "Manley Yates, Horseshoe Lake."